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      Hey everyone. I’ve been a pretty avid vw fan over the years so modifying my bike is somewhat of a transferred obsession. I’ve been riding since I was a kid (bmx, mtb, road). A few weeks ago I picked up a Specialized hardrock sport disc 29er from a local bike shop. Weather permitting, I’ve ridden it as many times as possible on the nearby trails and have developed quite an itch for desiring upgrades. Clipless pedals and shoes were on within a few days. Shortly after pedal installation I ordered a camelbak, multi-tool, and mini pump; all things I can justify as being "needed," especially when being on a trail for a few hours at a time. While on the trail the other day I bottomed out my sr suntour fork and began thinking of fork upgrades. Combining that experience with what I’ve read (specifically on suntour components) I pulled the trigger on a 2011 rockshox recon silver tk 29er fork. It was within my price range and previous models with the same specs had received good reviews. So…

      Should I stop myself from modifying and only replace components as they fail completely? Shoot for preventative maintenance (vw owners know this all too well!)? Upgrade til my heart/sensibility is content?

      Suggestions and personal experiences are greatly appreciated, even if they are of a not-so-positive nature.


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      It’s all about cost:benefit ratio – is the cost of the upgrade worth the benefits to YOU? That’s a question only you can answer.

      What you’ve done so far is good. Getting rid of that SunTour fork is the best upgrade for that bike probably. Next, I’d recommend getting a Stans Tubeless conversion kit.

      After that, I’d just ride it till it broke if I were you. Fix/upgrade as stuff wears out.

      You also have to keep an eye on how much you’re spending, or you’ll end up sinking so much money into it you could have bought a nicer bike with better components for less.

      Some upgrades you can move up to the next bike too, so that’s something to think about. Like the pedals and the Stans kit if you get one.

      That’s my $0.02 😎 Enjoy the new ride!

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      To me satisfaction is the end all,if you gotta spend money to get there then so be it,if you gotta conserve and just plain believe in what you got then so be it,but overall you gotta figure out what it is and if it’s exceptible for your means of lifestyle.If you know your gonna use the stuff,then I see that as justified expense wether it’s your time and risk or if its your money and risk,either is top priority to you and not using the stuff is a waste of either.

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      Thanks for the responses. I’m going to try my best to just replace parts as they fade/fail unless I have an immense yearning for a specific piece(s).
      I checked out stan’s tubeless kit the other day and the videos alone make me want to go tubeless. However, would it be worth it/possible to convert my oem Alex rhd rims? They’re drilled for schraeder valves. I did a brief search but failed to find useful information.

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      My Specialized Rockhopper came with Alex rims and the front one is still solid, 5 years and thousands of miles later. The rear one succumbed to a crash. Unfortunately, the schrader valves do limit your options and they aren’t the lightest wheels in the world.

      You could go with Stan’s tubeless ready wheels:
      http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ … Wheel.aspx

      These rims with some Geax AKA 29’er tires would make a killer XC setup, or maybe some high volume WTB Dissent tires for freeride. (Sorry, I can’t remember what style of riding you said you’re into)

      Then you could be done upgrading for a while 😎

      Oh wait, do Specialized hardtails still come with super uncomfortable saddles?

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      Yeah the saddle isn’t the most comfortable thing. I took a short spin on my buddy’s Giant today and his was much more forgiving than mine. Thanks for the wheel suggestion. They seem to be the most affordable option if I decide to go tubeless.
      Very excited for my fork to arrive later today as well as my roof rack!

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      The saddle was the very first thing I upgraded on my Specialized.

      The Fizik Arione is an awesome saddle, but it is quite expensive. I have this "store brand" knock-off and it has been excellent:
      http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product_10 … 000_202349

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      Figured I’d add to this thread instead of making a new one… I just picked up a thule 444 roof rack system with fork mount bike racks. My bike was wobbling quite a bit whilst driving to the bike shop today. Is this the norm?

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