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      Morning all,
      I’ve been thinking about running a SS on my crank. I just replaced it not too long ago…on the largest chain ring I went down to a 42 from a 46 (I think). The front derailleur shifting has been goofed up since. Maybe it is because the wear on it or that my front derailleur just can’t work good with the size chain rings I’ve moved to. Anyway, I really only use the largest chain ring and would rather just get rid of all the goofy crap that I don’t use and that doesn’t work good anyway. Does it make sense to just remove the front derailleur and just run the chain on the largest ring or should i (or do they even make it) go to a different SS crank.

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      Have a read of this discussion already underway defiantly some good info.


      As for running a 1x up front, couple things to consider. You will need to run a single specific ring up front, these rings do not have ramps. Rings that come with a 2x or 3x set-up have ramps built in to aid in shifting.
      Another thing to consider is some form of chain retention device, or when you hit some gnarly sections of trail you are likely to drop your chain.

      About the derailleur not working right sounds to me like you don’t have it adjusted right. I can’t be certain of this unless I was able to look at it first hand. But as long as you set the high low stops right and set the distances (height) which in your case would have to be lowered it should work. Of course 3x shifter and derailleur will never preform as well as a dedicated 2x shifter derailleur but it will run ok as long as you set it up right. I was able to run my 3x combination as a 2x with no issues at all.

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