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      Anyone know anything about the 29+ RockShox PIKE? I was just browsing the SRAM website and found a couple references to this fork but I don’t recall reading anything official… It doesn’t appear to be a typo; there are several references, both on the RCT 3 and RC product pages. Apparently the 29+ PIKE will be Boost only.



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      Dang, a 160mm 29+ suspension fork? That’s going to be a TALL front end!!

      Full suspension 29+ coming soon?

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      The PIKE is offered at 120mm-160mm travel so not sure if the 29+ version will go quite that high, but then again, why not?

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      Whoops, I guess somehow we missed this when it was announced back in March and at Sea Otter. 🙂 Apparently there’s also a 29+ Yari from RockShox.

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      Haha yep, I totally missed that too. Looks like it can indeed be set for travel lengths at 10mm intervals from 120 up to 160–the 160 would be a big ole fork!

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      Dang that crazy! I’ll bet the 29 riders are stoked! The Yari looks like a really cool fork for affordable great quality upgrades…? DO you think you guys will have the opportunity to have one for testing? OR have you tested one? Also what about the Fox Performance fork?

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