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      Hello! Am a new user and also an absolute noobie in biking. If possible. can someone help me choose my first bike? Is it good for a newbie like me a hard tail or a full suspension bike? I really need your opinion in this.

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      peacejoylove, welcome aboard. As Mongoose pointed out, this forum is a great resource for all things mountain biking. Also, a good place to spend some time is at your LBS test riding, asking questions, and getting a real hands on feel for what is available. Good luck

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      You can also check if your LBS does rentals and/or organized group trail rides. This can be a good introduction to different bike models, and the sport in general.

      At any rate, welcome aboard!

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      Welcome to the site. I have to agree with Mongoose in regards to a Hard Tail being cheaper to get into. They do make what esssentially amounts to an entry level full suspension but you will pay more. Some of the decision should be made on where you live and ride and what the typical trail conditions are. Fitness plays a small part as when sticking with the entry level bikes the full suspension is typically heavier. Not knowing any of these factors I would say go with a hard tail and after a couple of seasons if you want to make the switch get a full suspension. This way you will still ahev a hard tail to ride when you want and by that time you will have determined the type of riding you like and be able to spend the money on a full suspension that will be tailored to your needs. Hope this helps…

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