$27 for Hydraulic Disc Brake + Rotor!?

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      Just saw this from Chain Reaction:


      I don’t know anything about Clarks brakes but seriously, how can they sell a hydraulic disc brake set for less than the cost of a bleed?

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      I have a set of Clarks pads in my Orbea 29er. Have held out fine for this whole season.


      Those are awesome prices, though. God, I miss PricePoint 😉

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      The reviews for them are very positive, anybody who needs a disc brake setup should seriously consider this.

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      Another cheap set of hydraulic brakes ($32), this time Shimanos on JensonUSA:


      Of course these don’t include a rotor and they aren’t XT or anything. But still, I paid 2-3 as much for a set of mechanical BB7s that didn’t even include levers!

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      check out https://www.blueskycycling.com/ they have some really good deals on brakes and other stuff!! I have seen a bunch of negative reviews about the elixir series of brakes… and want to get a set form these people have you ever used them on your bike??

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      I run Elixirs and I actually prefer them to Shimano brakes. Elixirs generally modulate better than Shimano brakes which tend to have more of an on/off feel. The thing is, some people like an on/off feel (feels more responsive and powerful) while others like a more gradual increase in braking force–and that’s ok. I haven’t had any reliability issues with my Elixirs or Shimano brakes for that matter so it comes down to brake feel for me.

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      i dont know that i would trust brakes that are that cheap

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      even if they are AVID? (SRAM) I think they are on sale..!?

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      this is good.  i am about to purchase a used bike with hayes el camino brakes. I have read nothing but bad about these, so im already looking to replace them before i even have the bike in hand.

      Anyone know of some good up to date hydraulic brakes for someone on a budget? Or that can give me some insight on these Clark brakes or the Shimano brakes that are mentioned here?

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