27.5 wheel question?

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      So I’m somewhat new to the mountain bike community and I’m about he replace my mountain bike tires. I have 27.5 x 2.10 tires on them now. My question is can I put a 2.30 or even 2.4 on this rim? I can’t seem to find a definitive answer and want to make sure before I buy new tires. Thanks!

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      What rims do you have?

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      What kind of bike? Is it a hybrid fat tire? Then you’re probably not able to put big tires on it but most mountain bikes these days will have rims wide enough.

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      So there are few things to think about for tire width. First it is the internal dimension of you rim that dictates what the max size tire you can run is. The last thing is while the fork can generally run fairly wide tires your rear is more limited. Especially if you have a front derailleur.

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      One of the best ways to find out the maximum tire width is to go to the manufacturer.  They will normally give you a size range of tires or alternatives.  Another good way to go is the local bike shop.  If your local mechanic works on that manufacturers bike they will have knowledge of what tires fit and what are some of the draw backs.

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      measure the inside width of your rim.. Optimum for a 2.3 in to 2.4 in tire is 27 mm to 30 mm, but as narrow as 21 mm will work.  check out this link.  http://engineerstalk.mavic.com/en/the-right-tyre-width-on-the-right-rim-width/

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      Yes you can put 2.3 or 2.4 on any modern 27.5 bike. Like 99.9999999% If you put a 2.4 in front and 2.3 in back you will be very happy.

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