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      I just recently got into MTB and purchace a 17 Giant Talon 2. So far I like the purchase and I ride trails nears where I live nothing to technical since its a hardtail. What I want to know is what kind of inner tubes you people out there prefer. Im looking for something for when I ride trails and for just riding around. I know there are tubeless but ill probably try that out when I finally purchase a full suspension bike.

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      I just pick up tubes as I need them at the bike shop, which doesn’t happen very frequently.  They sell either Giant or Specialized.  They’re all about the same, in my experience.  Unless you ride in a location with goat head thorns, chunky rocks or ride really low psi and get a lot of pinch flats, they hold up pretty well.

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      I went tubeless this year. Best move I have done for my bike. But before that I would just go into my MTB shop and get whatever tube they had on the shelf. Like Treating said they are all about the same.

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