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      Is it dead yet?

      I still enjoy riding them occasionally but I am equally impressed with the way a 29er rolls over rough trail.

      Its getting harder to find parts for the 26 stuff.  Not too many on the trails now.

      I hope we still still have 26ers for years to come.   We may even see a new trend back to the 26 at some time in the future.

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      I’m still on 26. But at 4 years and 11500 miles, the frame is nearly done; so I’ll probably be getting a 27.5 in few months.

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        Impressive mileage!


        27.5 may be the future for all of us

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      Just sold my trusty Trek VRX 200 26er last fall. I was only riding it once or twice a season when I would get nostalgic (I loved that bike).

      ….doubt you’ll be seeing a strong resurgence of the 26er in the MTB realm any time soon. I’m actually wondering when the 31er will make its debut. 😉

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      What 26er parts did you meant? Wheels and forks? Sure it’s not as available as other sizes but it’s still there and much cheaper then it was ever before. And how many wheels or forks a rider need? It should last for many seasons to come.

      For those who travel abroad to ride a bike, 26 is still a best bet due to availability of tubes and tires virtually anywhere.

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        I’m still a fan of 26

        you still can find parts .

        but I’m a fan of all bicycles at the end of the day

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      No, 26 isn’t dead. Won’t be in the forseeable future.

      I ride my 26 – a lot – and my 29. A lot. The 26″ bike is very nimble, I tend to ride 29 on longer rides. And 27.5 is touted as the ‘best of both worlds’, but it isn’t really. It’s a great bike, special in it’s own way. I’m lucky enough to have a bunch of different bikes. I’ve heard of “1 frame size to rule them all”, but that’s just not happening in the real world that we live in.

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      The more bikes the better life is !!!

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