26+ conversion to 27.5

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      I am considering converting my wife’s 26+ bike to 27.5….Trying to get a sense if this is guaranteed to work.   The current set up is a 40mm rim with a 26×3.0 tire.   Everything I read says it “should” convert, but don’t want to purchase the parts to find out it doesn’t work.

      26+ bikes are still kind of rare, so wondering if anyone has had any luck/experience doing this conversion.

      Related question:  Does it also mean a 27.5 front shock would work on a 26+ bike ?

      Thanks in advance.


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      A 26×3.0 tire is 28.0 inches tall. A 27.5×2.4 tire is 27.8 inches tall. A 27.5×2.5 tire is 28.0 inches tall. A 27.5×2.6 tire is 28.2 inches tall. Maybe that helps.

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