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      Anyone know of any other companies that make a bike helmet with "ski helmet" styling like this one?


      I rock a huge water head so I need something that will fit a 7 1/2in head size. 😆

      BTW, it HAS to have the visor. Vents would be VERY nice too.

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      Bern makes Skateboard/Bike helmets exactly like them. They have a huge catalog of different lids. They’re amazing helmets too. I have a mate who skateboards for them they’re just a cool company.

      here’s just one place i found it.

      http://www.a1skateboards.com/product.as … 0WAKM300MK

      I believe the model you’re looking for is called the Watts

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      i just wear my protec ski helmet without the warm lining.. works great…

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