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      I am in the market for an all around comfortable bike. I ride a Cannondale Flash 29er now. Ready to stop beating up my legs all the time and move into a FS. I’m looking at a Trek Fuel 8-9 Trek Superfly 8-9, Or a Specialized Stumpjumper I ride mostly in the mountains of WV. It’s really rough and rocky, lots of ups and downs. I also do a few races a year…if anyone has experience on these particular models please chime in. Thanks guys…I have been away from this forum for way to long, time to jump back in!

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      I like Treks (but there’s nothing wrong with Specialized). Both of the Trek bike models are good bikes but you need to decide what type of riding you will be doing and what type of trails you usually hit. The Superfly is a XC bike while the Fuel series is designed as a Trail bike. The Trail bike will be a little heavier but will be more comfortable for all day rides with more suspension and slacker angles.

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      Thanks for the reply, I work at the bike shop too, I know all about the bikes I was hoping to hear from a few folks that have these particular bikes and the terrain they ride. Thanks though. I have too much extra weight to complain about bike weight. Cheaper for me to lose it haha. I think going to end up going with the Stumpy.

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      I hear you on that. I’m in the Clydesdale group myself so I tend to stick with the Trail bikes. Sorry, I can’t offer more on the bikes as I still ride HT and have only demoed the Fuel and Superfly. Im sure you’ll be happy with the Stumpy though.

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      Yeah I race in the Clydes. I’m gonna keep my HT 29er for XC races.

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      I have a HiFi – which was folded into the superfly name… so hopefully my experience can be comparable. The HiFi was my first 29er and FS bike, also my first [i:c57c9mo5]real[/i:c57c9mo5] bike as it was the upgrade from my intro Trek 4300. Anyway, I absolutely LOVED that bike. I raced on it, I felt that it climbed really well and ate up everything I could throw at it (I’m not a big hit huckster so xc is perfect for me). I rode it when I was up in New England and even down in WV (Baker’s Ridge, Big Bear) and I thought it was a great bike for the terrain. I haven’t been on a Fuel since they went 29er – when I was upgrading I actually first looked at the Fuel but I decided I wanted to go 29er. Then it was a decision between the Rumblefish and the HiFi – I went HiFi because I wanted to race. Sure I could have raced on the Rumblefish (more of a trail bike, so maybe comparable to the Fuel) but I just like the more aggressive XC stance…

      So, I’d give a thumbs up on the performance and feel of the HiFi/Superfly, but I don’t think you could really go wrong with any of the choices you mentioned. Ride em and see which just feels right on the trail.

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      I logged hundreds of miles on a Superfly and loved it! You can check out my review, here: … tain-bike/ … -pro-29er/

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