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      I am very new to mountain biking. Mostly have just done roads or groomed paths. Currently have GT Transeo hybrid but would like to progress to a mountain bike soon. Any tips on how to start out? What is a double track vs single track? thanks!

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      The best tip for starting out is to just head out, maybe with a group of friends or a club, to a trail. Start on an easy trail and just ride. Don’t be afraid to walk something you don’t feel comfortable with either. I walk stuff all the time and it doesn’t embarrass me if I’m not the best on the trails.

      Doubletrack is a trail that is a firebreak road sized or wide enough to get 4-wheeled vehicles down the path. While, singletrack is approximately the width of the bike.

      I hope this information helps and mountain biking is a lot of fun. I hope you make the transition and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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      Hi Andrew. Welcome to mountain biking! I hope you enjoy. Take a look the Mountain Biking for Beginners section of Singletracks. It has many good articles that will help you get started. Plus feel free to ask questions!

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      Welcome and Hello!
      This is a great sport! You will not regret taking the plunge! I have learned a lot since starting out. You will build your confidence and your stamina. I went and got a nice mtb and just went to the closest trails I knew of and went for it! When I had trouble with something I just asked here. Got tons of good info here.

      Enjoy and good luck

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