2018 Trek X-Caliber 9 or Kona Kahuna?

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      Getting back into riding and strongly considering these two bikes. Looking to try some point to point races!

      • I’m a bit unsure/unfamiliar with the 1 x 11. I like that its simple with less moving parts and a weight benefit.
      • I have heard some negative comments about the Trek Bontrager rims.  Kahuna = WTB STP i25
      • No idea on how to compare the Trek Shimano SLC and XT compare the Kahuna SRAM NX?
      • Seems like a lot of reviews, blogs and forums state that the Trek X-caliber is a descent bike but there are better bikes out there for the money?


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      The X cal is a 2x 11 not a 1×11.

      If you are looking at an XC hardtail at that price point, I’d also take a look at the Specialized Chisel.   It’s the lightest of the bunch, a good geometry, and has pretty good components, plus boost 148 spacing.

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      I cant say anything bad about the Kona cause I have no experience with them. But I can tell you that after test riding and research, I bought my wife a X Caliber 7 for Christmas. I admit to being a Trek fan, but thats because I have owned many Trek’s and loved all of them. Had actually considered a X Cal fot me as well, buy decided to go with the Trek Stache 7 instead. Honestly, test ride both bikes or other brands as well. Then buy the bike that gives you the biggest smile. All that counts is if “you” are happy with your choice. I would just suggest that you get a bike from a dealer close to you. Makes it a lot easier in the event of needing repairs or service.

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