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    I have the opportunity to get either the 2018 Trance 2 or the 2016 Trance 1 for basically the same price. Both bikes are basically stock and in similar very good/excellent condition.

    I know the 2016 has the carbon rims, fox 34 float factory factory kashima fork and fox float factory rear shock, sram x1 components, and the higher original msrp, etc.

    The 2018 has the new composite upper rocker, fox 34 rythym fork, fox float performance rear shock, slx components…and very well reviewed.

    But did Giant make any changes to the suspension design, linkage, etc since 2016 that would make me want to consider the 2018 Trance 2 instead?…or any other opinions are welcomed. Thanks.

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    Slight difference in geometry, 2017 and on uses a 150mm fork, 2016 uses a 140mm fork. I personally would probably go with the newer model.


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