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      I am smack in the middle between a size medium and large in a 2018 Specialized Epic Expert.  I am 5’10.5″ and weigh 170 pounds.  When comparing the Epic geometry to my 2014 Santa Cruz (in a large), about 60% of the Epic dimensions (in medium) are closer to the Santa Cruz, while the remaining 40% are closer to the Epic large.

      Has anyone purchased a 2018 Epic and if so what size?  Thoughts on purchasing a smaller frame versus a larger frame?

      Appreciate your thougths.

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      Generally speaking, sizing down improves things like cornering, while sizing up improves pedaling efficiency. Since the Epic is an XC bike, I’d personally look toward the larger size.

      Looking at your specific situation, what do you like about your Santa Cruz geo? What do you dislike? For example, if the reach on your Santa Cruz is part of that 60% overlap with the medium Epic, but you’d like a bit more reach than you currently have, then that pushes you toward the size large Epic.

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      I am the same height at 5’10 1/2” and 189lbs.  I too fit smack in the middle.  I have a Medium Specialized Epic, Medium Cannondale F-29, and Team Scalpel in Large.

      If you want to ride more XC I would get a Large as it is more stable, peddles well, and is straight-line compliant.  If you ride Single-track or more All-mountain, and want to flick it around and cut the turns I would go with the medium.  More down hill with big drops and lots of obstacles, go with Large.

      I hope that helps.

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      Thank you both for your replies.  This information was in fact very helpful.  I decided to roll with a large.  Even though I ride more all-mountain (typically), this bike’s main purpose is to get me through the Leadville 100….so think the longer one will be better for that.


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        I came across this thread and I’m in a similar dilemma. I purchased an epic last year in a medium and wonder if I should of sized up to a large. I did the LV stage race and got into this year’s Leadville 100 so hoping to get this squared away prior to starting a training plan.The bike is really comfortable overall, but the seatpost is maxed out. After purchasing a tarmac in a 56 the epic feels a little crammed. I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, but wanted to see if you are happy with the large. Specifically how it handled at LV.

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      I’m a big fan of long-top-tube, short-stem, steep-seat-tube. I would pick whatever bike allows me to use a stem shorter than 50mm. Buy the larger bike, push the seat forward and install a shorter stem. No modern mountain bike should come with a stem longer than 50mm.

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