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      I am considering converting my Talon to a 1x system.  In doing so, I am considering whether or not to upgrade the cassette to an 11 speed.

      1. Current (stock) setup is:
        1. Chainring:  2X (22/36)
        2. Cassette: Shimano HG400-9 12×36, 9-speed
        3. Hub: Giant Tracker Sport
      2. What I’d like to do is convert the 1x as follows:
        1. Chainring: 36T (or 34)
        2. Cassette: 11×40 10 speed, or 11×46 10 speed.
        3. Same Hub

      I am pretty sure the 10 speeds would fit on the stock hub but I was also considering an 11 speed.

      I use this bike mostly for rail trail and gravel road riding as I have a different, full-suspension for other stuff, so I don’t want to invest a lot of money in the conversion.
      Does anyone have any ideas about this? And does anyone know if the 11-speed cassette will work on that hub? I’ve read different things where some say yes, and others say no.

      Thanks, in advance, for any help / suggestions



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      In deciding whether to go 10 or 11 speed, I guess I would first ask myself, why am I converting from 2x to 1x to begin with.  And what does the change in gear ratios mean to me (what do I loos or gain)?

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        Fred, thanks for the reply.

        I suppose  I should have mentioned that I’ve already done all that math.  I lose a little off the speed end, but considering that most of the rides on this bike are recovery rides and not really pushing it, I’m fine with that.

        The other factor is that when I ride this bike most of the time I’m in the 22 tooth front gear, but I have others who ride it (almost more than me) and they never leave the 36 tooth.  So, I’m probably going with 36 or 34 in the front.  I’d like the extra (11 gear) specifically for the others who ride this bike as I don’t really need it in the terrain I ride.  Like I said in the original post, I have a different bike for climbing and descents.

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      If you don’t mind the shift gaps, you can get an 11-40 9 speed cassette. That is what I did on my Giant Stance, went 1×9 11-40. That way I didn’t have to change the shifter or derailleur. I did have to add a Wolf-tooth road link to allow the stock derailleur to clear the larger cassette gear.

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      Why not go to the 1×12 NX Eagle with 11-50 cassette. You are already thinking of buying a new chain, shifter, chainring, and cassette so all you need to add is a new derailleur and you can still keep your hub. Eagle NX is designed for Shimano hubs. I think you’ll like having more range—11-50 cassette has 455% range, 11-40 only has 364% range. Why mess with with 1×10 or 1×11 when you can go to 1×12 and get the maximum range from a standard Shimano hub. Eagle NX parts are pretty cheap and when you get done you will know that all the parts are going to work together right.

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        I have the 1 x 12 on my other bike and love it, so good suggestion.  The real question is whether or not I have to change the hub to support > 10 (I know the 8-9-10 work on the same hub).

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        Yeah, I’d check to see what your hub supports.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  I was going to update an older XC bike a while ago, and would have been able to from a 9 speed to an 11 speed by simply removing a shim.  That bike has a Mavic wheelset with a Mavic hub.  BTW, the 11 speed cassette I was going to use was an e-Thirteen TRS+.  It actually has a wider range (511%) than a SRAM 12 speed (500%).  Cogs go from 9 to 46.  The TRS cassette isn’t the cheapest though. $250.

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        Thanks.  I will have to check the hub. I’ve read that the newer versions (post 2012) may be able to support the 11 but would have a shim. Mine’s a 2018 so I will definitely check that out.


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      I did a 2×10 to 1×11 conversion last summer.  It was totally worth it.  I put a 36 tooth chain ring up front and added the Wolftooth 49 tooth sprocket (shimano setup). I lost a gear in the mid range.  It gave me the range that I wanted for the speed and the low gear for the limited climbing that I do as well as keeping the effort required from one gear to the next reasonable.  The 1×10 will make you sacrifice either the speed or the low gear and the jumps between gears will be pretty noticeable.  All in I did the conversion for about $330 and it has worked very well.

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        Thanks.  This is close to what I’m trying for.


        Thanks to all for the comments and advice!

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      Any updates about the upgrade?

      I also own a talon 2 2018. Ive used it in a lot of XC races already and im thinking of converting it to 1×11 with deore xt just like how you want to; to save weight and make things simpler. How did it go? Did the 11 speed cassette fit on the stock giant tracker sport hub?

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