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    Hey gang,  Trying to cover all resources of information.
    Trying to decide between a 2018 Big Honzo or 2018 Cinder Cone.
    I’m a MTB newb. 56 years old, 5’7” 200lbs. Looking to mainly ride beginner/novice trails & some road here in the Vancouver, WA area. Not sure if the 27.5+ will benefit me. Components seem comparable except for the dropper post & tubeless ready setup. Also, the Honzo has 20mm more travel. Not sure on the geometry.   Also, can you convert the Big Honzo back to regular 27.5 tires and would the rims need to be changed out as well?  Any suggestions would be most helpful.
    Thank you!!

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    The Honzo is a better bike and you can convert it to 29er wheels. Will the Honzo benefit you? If you only plan on riding the most mild of trails occasionally, then no. Save your money and get the Cinder Cone. Otherwise, the Honzo is the way to go. Most PNW trails are not that mild and you will go much further with a Honzo.

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    I agree with Dr. Sweets, the Honzo is almost definitely a better choice. A little more travel and a dropper post are really useful, and plus tires will be more forgiving for a beginner.

    Welcome to the world of mountain biking, and good choice to get a hardtail early on!


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