2017 Trance 2 rear axle

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      So I bought a 2017 Trance 2 and am loving it but I noticed that the rear axle is not a maxle(???). I need an Allen key to remove it. It was a pain in the ass when I had to change a flat trail side and forgot my multitool at home.

      Anyways, I’m looking around to get a maxle to put on my bike and am wondering if other than looking for “boost spacing 12 mm rear Maxle” , is there any other characteristics that I need to look for?

      Thanks a bunch.

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      Check with your shop to see what the threading is for the rear axle. There are a couple different axle threadings out there and you have to be sure to get the right one. For instance, DT Swiss rear axles have finer threads than the Maxle.

      And you should always have a multitool with you 😉

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