(2017) single speed full suspension or hardtail mtb

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Looking for preferably a full suspension but most likely a hard tail (cause of $) that’s a single speed. Around 1200- 1500. All the threads I’ve read up on seem to be out dated. Looking for a single speed for the fun and little maintanence.</p>

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      Well, you’ll never find a stock full suspension singlespeed for sale. That’s not to say you can’t create a singlespeed full suspension bike (I know a guy who’s set one up for himself), you just need to have the proper tensioner to take up slack in the chain as the suspension compresses.

      That said, having a full suspension singlespeed (SS) really isn’t a great idea because jamming out of the saddle as you are required to do on a SS tends to compress the suspension, which means you’re losing power and speed.

      As for hardtail SS, lots of those out there. Best to look for a hardtail frame with sliding dropouts or an eccentric bottom bracket for chain tensioning.

      For some brands, check Vassago, Niner, Pivot, Ibis, Jamis, and more.

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        Thanks man! ill start looking through those. Makes sense about the full suspension too.

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        You should check out the new Giant XTC. It can go SS or geared and works with 27.5+ or 29 wheels. It’s reasonably priced too. I have mine setup as a geared 29er and it’s a blast!

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      If you want a full sus SS check out Lenz milkmoney

      Milkmoney – SS

      the pivot is around the BB.

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      Might also want to look into the Trek Stache series. They all have ‘stranglehold’ dropouts on the rear end, which allow you to dial in the tension you would need. In addition to that, the 29+ wheels/tires will give you a bit of added cushion, with the benefit of added traction.

      It’s also belt drive compatible if that is your thing.


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      I’ve got a Kona Honzo set up SS, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t another bike in the world that’s this much fun. I’d highly recommend checking them out, new frames are about $500.

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      Check out Stanton bikes switchback 27, salsa, or surly, Niner ROS 9 is S great option in that price range also. I would do a hardtail 29 if it’s for racing, a 27 if it’s for play. Go with steel for the frame, shimano xt brakes and drivetrain or slr if you need cheaper, check out the fox rhythm or float fork, stans wheels, schwalbe tires, chromag components.

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