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      I have been looking at the 2017 Santa Cruz Bronson for a while now and have been thinking really hard about it, and before I pull the trigger on it I was wondering if anyone has one or has experience with one. Also if anyone knows any other bike similar to this bike I would be open to checking those out as well.


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      Last year I demoed the Bronson and the Hightower. Both were great, but the Hightower was more fun.* The HT was in fact the only SC bike that I have been really impressed with in many years. My only desire for it was for more travel and they did that with the Hightower LT.

      *Fun for me is riding through chaotic terrain at high speed, leaning the bike over hard in corners and jumping off of whatever I can along the way. Being able to climb up terrain to get the aforementioned in a efficient manner is also a big plus. The Hightower does this exceptionally well. In the end, like I said I wanted all that plus more travel and got that in spades with an Evil Wreckoning. In the 27.5 wheel category, I’d take an Evil Calling (in the X-low setting) over a Bronson all day. I spent a solid month riding one prior to my new bike arriving. It rips like no other bike with only 130mm of travel.

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      I demoed the Bronson, the Giant Trance advance, and the Salsa Redpoint.. I liked the Trance best but all three were great bikes.

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      For me it was between the Pivot Mach 6, Ibis Mojo, and the Santa Cruz Bronson.  I ended up going with the Bronson and love it.  Most of my riding is the rocky terrain of Northern AZ and it eats up everything.

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