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      I am getting into mountain biking and want to get a new bike.  I am looking into a 2017 Cannondale Habit 4 or 2018 Intense Spider Alloy or 2018 Giant Trance 2.  I would like to get something that can I can grow into.  I don’t plan on being too aggressive.  Injuries are harder to recover from when your older.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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      Those are all very nice bikes, and rather spendy for a first bike (at MSRP, but I am assuming you may have some price breaks in your sights).  The Trance and Intense have a lot of travel for a first bike and are thus differentiable from the Cannondale.  Having more travel means they will handle rough stuff somewhat better and rough downhills quite a bit better, than a bike with less travel in the front and rear suspensions.  They will also be harder to climb with, and maybe a bit slower on the flats because the suspension will dissipate more of your pedaling energy.  Because of this, the Cannondale would probably be perceived by most as closer to a general, “starter” bike.

      You can’t really go wrong with any of these, unless they don’t fit you or suit your riding style.

      What type of riding do you plan to do and where are you?  Do you ride now?  You can grow into a bike, but the risk is that you grow into a bike that doesn’t suit you or your style of riding.

      Marin has some somewhat less expensive (at least MSRP) “trail” bikes (trail has become the word for sort of general mountain biking, as opposed to cross-country, which tends now to mean racing on relatively flat trails, and all-mountain and downhill, which contemplate the most extreme trail riding) in the Rift Zone (29″ wheels), Hawk Hill (27.5) and B-17 (27.5 +).  The Marins have modern, mid-level components and comply with most of the current standards, so are very upgradeable and are available in 3 component levels, all of which are quite decent, the two lower “trim levels” are under $2000 in all of these (the B-17 might be a hair over).

      If you can at least sit on, and preferably at least parking lot test ride, any/all of these, I suggest you do so.

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      If a local bike shop carries the Cannondale and intense I’d say ride it around the parking lot and see which one you feel more comfortable with.

      The trance is nice, it’s meant for more aggressive trail riding. If you plan on hittung drops, chunky Rocky trails and jumps this would be a good bike for that style of riding.

      The intense spider will handle anything you throw at it, and is a true trail bike. It pedals well and has enough travel for nearly any trail. Line choice is key when taking a bike with limited travel down chunky trails though. The Cannondale is a bit more XC than the intense, and it’ll handle all non gnarly trails fine. It won’t hold it’s line as well as the other bikes in rough conditions, line choice is key.


      I’ve owned a Giant Reign and intense tracer in the past(160mm travel bikes) and personally think intense’s suspension provided a better pedaling platform. Giant’s suspension was a bit more plush to me, but I preferred the intense ride overall. Ive never ridden a habit so I can’t comment on how it rides.


      With the 3 bikes you listed, the intense to me is the best bike to get.

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      Of those I prefer the Trance, but the Habit is a very sweet bike too, and really you can’t go wrong with any of them. I’d say test ride them and take the one that feels best to you.

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