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      Hello! New guy here. Need help in choosing which bike to buy. 2016 diamondback recoil 27.5 ($475) or scott spark 60 ($700) in excellent condition. Thanks!

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      Unless the Diamondback is new, never ridden, it seems a tad overpriced. You can get a brand new one for $599.

      What year is the Scott? I’m guessing it’s a few years old and it has 26″ wheels, which is a pretty big negative for me.

      I guess I would go with the Diamondback in this situation.

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      Thank you for your response. It’s a 2012 scott spark 60 in excellent condition. Diamondback recoil is 2016 with around 15 miles on it. So which one is the food deal?

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      And also the scott is 26″


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      The price sounds about right for the Spark, which is right at 5 (or possibly 6) years old now. It was certainly a much nicer bike than the Diamondback is today. The Diamondback is overpriced given that new bikes depreciate 45% in the first year.

      New Mountain Bikes Lose About 45% of Their Value After Year One

      Assuming you just want to ride the bike and don’t plan on trying to upgrade anything, I guess now I’m leaning toward the Scott. That is, if it’s been well maintained and won’t need any new parts.

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      Yes I was told that the scott is in excellent condition like the db recoil. But just found out that the db is a medium frame and scott is small frame. Im 5’8″ and all my bikes are medium size but never seemed comfortable with medium frame they feel like they are a bit bigger. I had my 29er mtb and road bike fitted to me by my lbs and still not comfortable riding them


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      Hey, first post here as well.  Just so happens that I ran across this.  I bought a new 2015 DB Recoil two years ago for a heck of a deal at $475 with intentions of upgrading everything with higher end slightly used or new overstock parts.  People said I was crazy, but it is now one of the best riding bikes I have owned and it takes a heck of a beating.  The good thing is it was a small investment, and I continued to ride as I upgraded it.  It is a good platform.  It doesn’t have the best shocks from the factory, but those are easy changes.  I would go recoil, however, the one you are looking at is a tad overpriced.  See if you can get it for around $400.

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      Thanks to all for your input. So I went for the spark, overall its in great condition. 1×10 set up. Race face crank, slx shifter/brake, xt rear derailleur and it has this seatpost that you can adjust via remote (dont know the name or brand) i took it for a ride and feel ots the right size for me. And i think it has better component compare to the db. Its a bit dirty though and it need some tlc


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      Great choice!

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      Thanks! In case I want to upgrade the components, I have a sram xo groupset that I bought couple of years ago (2×10) are they good replacement?


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