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      Having a tough time deciding which one of these bikes to purchase. I had the pleasure of riding the 2015 Devinci Troy in Fruita and Moab this spring. I rode the Giant Trance Adv 27. 2 only in parking lot. Anyway, I’m leaning towards the Devinci, but there are no local retailers near Dayton. Planning on having bike shipped from shop in Fruita. Most of my riding will be within a 3 hour radius of Dayton, OH.,plan on  riding in Utah and Colorado once a year. A local bike enthusiast said go for the Giant strictly because of local availability if bike repair needed, is this a legitimate concern? Anyone have advice on which bike is better? Are these bikes overkill for Ohio tri-state area  riding? Giant Trance is 140mm front and rear, Devinci is 150mm front, 140mm rear. Trance is $3300, Devinci $3000.

      Thank you,


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      Go with the Devinci, no question.

      You’re getting a much better suspension package on the Devinci with a Pike vs. a Sektor and a Monarch Debonair vs. a Monarch. Similar SRAM GX drivetrain although the Devinci has a 1×11 and the Giant has a 2×10. I personally prefer a 1x setup.

      The Giant does come with a dropper, but apart from the carbon front triangle that’s about all it has over the Devinci. I rode the top spec Troy Carbon RR and I loved it: http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-reviews/test-ride-review-devinci-troy-carbon-rr/

      If you really want carbon, the Troy Carbon RS is $3500.

      I would get the $3000 Devinci and spend that $300 on a dropper for it.

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      Oh, and I wouldn’t be too concerned with not having a Devinci dealer near you. If something goes wrong with the bike, it most likely won’t be the frame (knock on wood), it’ll be the components that need repair/adjustment. Any shop can do that.

      And Devinci does offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, so if anything did happen, you’d be taken care of. Having to warranty a frame sucks no matter who made it. It’s not like you can wheel your broken Giant into a Giant dealer and walk out that same day with a brand new bike. It’s going to have to be disassembled and shipped off and you’ll have to wait for a new frame.

      So if you already know you like the Devinci, go for it!

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      I’m confused, I show the Trance 2 with Fox shock and forks,, both I would consider an upgrade to the Rock Shox.. Also I see the 2016  Trance 2  listed for $2700  I also do not see what version of Troy you are looking at listed. With the 2015 Troy Carbon XP listed at $3200.    http://store.allspeed.com/devinci-troy-carbon-xp-2015/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwkqKxBRCIrK_riNm13Z8BEiQAdzdVkJkR0CFDFRMvRYBZlcs4lKURvYMjRbTqtnqlOFbZtXEaAuP38P8HAQ


      I would go Giant


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      Alvin – you’re not looking at the right bikes.

      Here’s the Giant he’s considering: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/trance.advanced.27.5.2/22205/84043/

      And here’s the Devinci he’s considering: http://www.devinci.com/bikes/bike_703_scategory_166

      The Trance you referred to is the all aluminum version, not the Trance Advanced which has a carbon front triangle and an aluminum rear.

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      Ah, I see, but then I would still take the Trance 2 aluminum version with better brakes, and shocks for $600 less than the advanced.  There is only about 1lb difference between them.

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      If it were between the two Giants, I would agree with you and opt for the Trance 2 aluminum.

      Although, I would disagree with you about the brakes being better on the aluminum bike. It’s got Deore brakes, which while there’s nothing wrong with those, the SRAM Guide brakes on the Advanced are certainly “better” in terms of performance. The SRAM brakes are 4-piston compared to 2-piston on the Shimano and have tool-free reach adjust. And in my experience, modulation is better with the SRAM brakes.

      But going back to the original poster’s question, if you were picking between the Devinci and the Giant, which would you go with?

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      Funny you mentioned Trance 2, because originally, (before I posted the question), I was comparing the Trance 2 with the Troy, but I read better reviews for the advanced. Maybe not $600 worth?? If not, than I’d rather compare Troy with Trance 2. I did ride the Trance 2 for a very short period of time around the block, no trail riding.  I got more ride time on Devinci Troy, lots of trail riding. Both felt great, so now Trance 2 for $2700 or Troy for  $3000. From my research the Pike got better reviews than the Fox. In Moab and Fruita the Devinci was highly praised, here in Ohio, no one I’ve talked to has ridden, much less even seen one, except in pictures.

      I appreciate all the feedback!!


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      For sure!

      Between the Trance 2 and Devinci, it’s a tougher call, but I would still give the nod to the Devinci. Again, the Devinci edges out the Giant in the suspension department. The Fox components are as basic as they offer and the fork is not nearly as capable as the Pike.

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      As far as the brakes go between the advanced and alum Trance, I feel 4 piston is overkill on a bicycle, and prefer the larger front disc. Nothing against SRAM but I also prefer Shimano brakes.. Fork I really like the Fox stuff and have no experience with the Pike so it might be better but I would personally still lean toward the Fox suspension..

      Truthfully I am not good enough rider for either of those suspensions to make a real difference in my riding. So while I would prefer the Fox suspension and love the Trance 2 alum, being cheap and not that good, I have a bike with a RockShox 30 gold fork and a Rockshox Monarch R shock.

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