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    Hey guys, so I am gingerly looking for a new trail bike and price to component wise I have come up with (what my wallet will handle actually) Giant Trance 2. All reviews and the specs are off the charts for this price range ($2,899 CDN).

    But, I found in a corner of my LBS’ an untouched 2015 Trek Slash 7 on sale for $2,999. So my question is, anyone have a Slash that can give me an opinion?

    obviously the Slash does not have boost, or 1x, and I don think it has a dropper either.

    I’m looking for some advice/words of wisdom from you guys, as anyone on here has more riding experience than me.


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    The Slash can be made 1X pretty easily, though probably not without the additional (but minor) cost of a new chainring.

    The bigger difference IMO seems to be the lack of a dropper post on the Trek, and the lack of Boost spacing on the rear end. A dropper post is a pretty important thing to have on a bike like this, and adding one isn’t cheap. Plus by buying a bike with Boost now, there’s a better chance you’ll be able to hang onto this bike longer since it will be easier to upgrade wheels a few years down the road if you want to.


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