2015 Lapierre 729 xr carbon.

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      Never biked much, but I want to get into it.  I’m 44, 6’4, 200lbs.  Found a 2015 Lapierre 729 xr.  It’s a large frame.  He asked 2k.  Asked if he’d take $1,500 and he said yes.  Is this a good bike?  Good deal? Good for starting out?  Big enough?  Thanks for any comments.

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      Ideally you would get an XL on that bike (LaPierre says the XL is for riders 6′ tall and up and the large is for riders up to 6’1″). Seems like a good bike for starting out though.

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      I would look for an XL, they are harder to find used, and for a good price.  I am 6’1″, and ride a large.  It is a bit small, the seatpost is maxed out for me, and it changes the weight distribution on the bike.  It does depend on how long your legs are in relation to your height.  I know a guy who is around your height who rides a large just fine, more of his height is in his torso, and has shorter legs.  So depending on your situation, it may work out fine for ya.

      Good luck,

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