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      Hi right now I’m running 29×3 Expert bontrager and I was thinking of placing a wider tire on in the front and keeping with the same width in the rear. Im wondering if it would be alright to switch to a 29×4 in the front and if that won’t be to big. Also was thinking just doing both Maxxis Minions. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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      I am running the 2.5 minion dhf at the front and the dhr 2,  2.4 at the back. Love the combo!

      My next set will be the new se5 2.5 that bontrager is releasing this summer along with an se4 out back. Love those tires too.


      Either way depending on you riding style and trails they could be a great fit, only one way to find out!

      Edit- I should add the real benefit to these new 2.4 and 2.5 tire sizes is with wide wheels, and boost.  I run stans flows with great success even with only boost at the rear (2015 remedy 9)

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