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      “This would be a warm day for cross-country skiing,” said one spectator to another.

      By all accounts, it could’ve been far worse—nature could’ve been doling out freezing rain and a gale-force wind. Instead, nature saw fit to set the temperature somewhere near the 17-degree mark (Fahrenheit) and bestowed intermittent doses of sun to the riders and spectators of USA Cycling’s Elite Cyclocross National Championships. Or as they call it, cyclo-cross.

      Read more here: http://www.bikemag.com/news/news-2013-u … pionships/

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      Read on another mt biking forums cyclocross section that disc brakes were failing during the race while cantilevers did not. Sounded more like poor disc pad choies then the actual brakes. I guess this is just another chapter of the disc/cantilever saga.

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