2013 Epic Comp or new Camber/Fuel?

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      I’m deciding between a used 2013 Epic Comp or a new Camber 29 or Trek Top Fuel 8.

      The used bike would save me about $1.5k so it’s really tempting. My goal is to be able to ride the steep rock gardens and big drops out, but still have a bike I can compete in some cross country races with. I average about 12 miles/2.5hrs average with my old Giant Rincon on pretty technical stuff (severely undergunned with this bike) and would like to step up my game. I’m also riding a cross country race series this summer and would like to be somewhat competitive.

      Would I be happy with the used Epic and saving a bunch of money or should I spring for the new Top Fuel or Camber?

      Thanks so much guys! Last time I shopped for bikes I had a $500 budget so this is a new world to me and I really appreciate your kickass opinions! I rode out my 2010 Giant Rincon hard for six years but now I’m ready to hang with the big dogs so I know I’ll be keeping this next one for the long haul as well.

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