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    New to the MTB world and looking for a good starter. Would going this route be a bad idea? I know very little but thought the specs looked good for that price. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!



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    Whoa, how is Performance still selling a new bike from 2012?!?

    I would stay away from this bike. If your budget is close to the $650 mark, go for something newer in that price range. This bike has a 3×10 drivetrain (most are 1X or 2X now), narrow bars, questionable geometry, etc.

    Plus, I’d be afraid some of the systems (like the brakes) might be in need of service after sitting untouched in a dusty warehouse for 6 years.

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    Alright, that’s why I asked. Thanks for the input. I am a little flexible with my price range and could go a little higher but would prefer to stay under $1000. What I’m looking for is a HT 29er with good front fork shocks (Rockshox) and a quality drivetrain. This will be my first MTB but I do want a good quality one since I am a fairly avid road cyclist and a littke spoiled with a nice road bike.  Any recommendations?

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      I might be a bit biased and inexperienced but I’d say take a look at the KHS Alite 1000’s. They are right around the same price point for the current year. They come with hydraulic disk brakes, tapered threaded headset, a decent air fork etc. The only downside I could see due to preference is that they come with 26″ wheels.

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    Thanks for the recommendation. In all my searches I haven’t come across the KHS yet but that definitely seems to be a solid option. I am 6’2 so have felt that the larger wheel/tire size would suit me more but I’m open to other ideas as I am inexperienced in this area.

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      I’m 6’1″ and I honestly don’t mind the 26″ tires. Definitely makes for a more nimble bike IMO, might be a bit more difficult to roll right over things.

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    Good to know. I’ll definitely give it a strong thought. Frame size for my height? 21?

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      Yeah, I’d go with a 21″. The 19″ I got is ever so slightly too small for me but I don’t mind much.

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    I could be crazy but has solid components. Depending what kind of riding you want to do it could fit the bill.

    As yourself this question, “if you had bought this bike new in 2012 and it was in exactly this condition; would you feel that it must be replaced?” There are probably a lot of people riding this bike for the last 6 years and are perfectly happy.

    That being said. Do you have a performance bike store near you? Have it shipped to store. The mechanic will put it together for you. So you should expect everything to be set up appropriately. If you aren’t happy don’t take delivery. It might be awkward but it is your money. Also try to time it when you would get double or triple points (20% or 30% back in store cash for $30 membership). Plus getting from store they will do small adjustments for free.


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