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      First post here. Hi.

      I have an old, dried up (slighty crusty) Lyrik that needs to be rebuilt. I can’t seem to find a definite seal kit for the shock, and I’m not the original owner. It’s definitely past its 50 hours. I called SRAM and they said they had enough inventory to rebuild it, but they didn’t mention a price. Does anyone have experience on what this would cost for this model? Or does anyone have a general idea of a better way to go about this. I’m going to bike the White Rim trail in Moab this May, so I need to get the fork in better working condition by them.

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      Here’s the prices from Manticore (no, I’m not affiliated with them at all): https://www.manticoreshock.com/decision-tree/lyrik/

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      It’ll be roughly the same price as any other current rockshox fork, depending on whether you need any major parts replacing. The service kits themselves are around the same price. We pay around $200CAD for a full service at our rockshox service center in squamish.


      The link above is not for a 2011 Lyrik, FYI ^^ but the price is probably similar, if they have the parts.

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