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      I read the article on converting the 2002 Trek 7000 to an MTB, but I’ve recently come up with a used 2010 Trek 7000. I’m wondering if it’s worth converting that bike to a MTB and which parts would be recommended to switch out.

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      The Trek 7000 I used to own was designed to be a mountain bike to begin with, but I’m guessing you have something more like this?


      Not a lot of obvious upgrades you can make to this hybrid bike. The frame really limits tire width, and without mounts for disc brakes it’s at a severe disadvantage. You could ride it on trails until you reach its limits, then start looking for a true MTB upgrade.

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      IMO, it’s not worth investing in trying to upgrade a bike like that, assuming it’s even possible.  As Jeff said, take it out to (easier) trails and have fun riding it.  If you wind up really getting into the sport you’ll eventually find the limits of the bike, i.e. things will start breaking.  Then you’ll know it’s time to buy a real MTB.  FWIW, that’s also how a number of us got started.  Knew it was time for a real MTB after the 2nd time I broke my rear axle.

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      I would just pick up a real mountain bike.

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