2010 Kona Caldera or 2017 Diamondback Hook?

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      Hi, I’m new to the forum and in a bit of a pinch so any quick responses would be awesome. I’m currently looking at two used mtbs both for $425. One is a 2010 Kona Caldera XC hard tail with what I would call regular wear. The other is a 2017 Diamondback Hook trail hardtail that has seen very little use. From what I’ve researched, the Kona is a much better bike, but does the age factor come into this? Help please!

      For reference, I’m just trying to get into mountain biking in general, I don’t really have a specific niche yet, I just want to cover most bases with one bike. Thank you!

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      Go with the Kona as long as it is in good shape. My main trail bike is a 2008 Kona Coliair and I trust it more than my wife. I have been married 35 years.


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      If the Diamondback has larger than 26″ wheels you’ll be happier. It will be faster and roll over obstacles much easier than a 26″ wheeled bike. It should also have more modern, progressive geometry which helps descending, a lot.

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