2008 Rockshox Tora 302 v 2000 Judy Race

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      Hello Forum, I picked up a 2000 Specialized Enduro Expert with a Judy Race fork. which needs new lowers. I’m thinking that bike this will make a nice all mountain bike. I’m thinking about installing a Tora 302 Uturn, with lockout and Poploc. I don’t think the lock out will be much use to me since my Fox Float R does not lock out. This Tora is about 1.25lbs. heavier than the Judy Race..I had planned on repairing the Judy Race.
      What do you think? By the way, can anyone confirm that my Hayes Mag disc brake will mount on the 2008 Tora without adapters?
      Thanks in advance,

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      Hands down the 2008 tora. The changes in shock technology between 2000 and 2003 or 2004 were massive. It was ~2007 were we flattened to minor tweaks each year. Where we saw the most noticeable improvement was in pedal performance. A modern entry level fork will do more to eliminate negative low speed compression generated by pedal forces. I don’t even think pedal damping was a buzz word in 2000. Companies today still struggle with balancing "pedal damping" and "small bump compliance." In the less pedal orientiented world companies are dumping "pedal damping" all together. Mainly because of the energy lost in pedal bob isn’t worth the loss of small bump compliance.

      Even if you don’t care about that, and personal I wouldn’t, all metals fatigue. Air frames are replaced after a certain number of years for a very good reason. The more you flex a metal the more ductility it loses. In time it will break. Eight years is very old for a fork. I have never had a catastrophic fork failure. I have seen a few and it generally involves blood leaking from your face.

      Yes, the Tora has the "Manitou style" post mount adapters. Your Hayes Mags will plug right to it.

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