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    I just bought an Intense Carbine 29, and I am just waiting for it to be built at my LBS, Trail Head Cyclery in San Jose. The only way I was able to talk my wife into this substantial purchase was to agree to sell my 5.5. Today I am posting it and its very sad. 😢

    This has been my only bike since I bought it new in 2007, so it does have a lot of miles, but I have treated it VERY well. Only a few of the parts are original as most have been replaced. Those familiar with the bike will know that the Intense 5.5 EVP was one of the top of the line XC/AM bikes in its day, but like a Ferrari, it requires more than average maintenance (specifically to the rear suspension pivot bearings). I have replaced the pivot bearings a total of 3 times since 2007 and the last time was yesterday. Why? I will try to keep this story as short as possible, but as I appreciate the the whole story behind the used goods I purchase, I write this hoping someone like myself reads this, buys the bike as takes great care of it as I have.

    In preparation for sale, I decided to wash it (the first time in two years). I know they say you can wash you bike, you just need to use low or no water pressure, but I don’t agree. I also refuse to ride in the rain or wet conditions. I am staunchly against pushing dirt and grit into all the moving parts, but I knew it wouldn’t sell as dirty as it was. When it was cleaned up, I noticed a crack in the seat tube just above the bottom bracket (see attached picture). It was a clean break though and I knew it could be successfully repaired. I stripped it down and took it to Dennis at Norman Racing in Berkeley, CA. He is an extremely talented welder and had it fixed in less than 1/2 hr. His prognosis: Good as new. Took it home, cleaned the welds, masked it off, primed it and gave it 3 coats of automotive paint (semi gloss black). It makes for a nice contrast to the Iron Gray. Yes, aluminum frames crack, but they can be repaired. No heat treating required.

    As the bike was stripped down, I decided to replace the bearings with the spare set I had on hand. The attached pictures show my bearing replacement process. First I remove the seals from the brand new Enduro bearings, clean all the cheap grease out with solvent and re-pack them with Marine Grease which holds up MUCH better.

    It is all back together and I just took it for an 8 mile ride with over 2,000 feet of cimbing (Mission Peak here in Fremont) and it rides like a brand new bike. Again, very sorry to see it go, but I don’t have a choice.

    2007 Intense 5.5 EVP, size large, new pivot bearings, upgraded one-piece upper pivot link
    Rear wheel: DT Swiss 340 hub, Mavic X819 hoop (less than 50 miles on wheel build)
    Rear Tire: Specialized The Captain Control 2bliss, size 2.0 (nearly new)
    Front wheel: Mavic Cross Trail hub and wheel (recently tuned),
    Front Tire: Specialized The Captain Control 2bliss, size 2.2 (worn)
    Fork: 2010? Fox 140 TALAS RLC
    Shock: 2009? Fox RP23
    Brakes: Avid Juicy 5, 8 inch Hayes front rotor, 7 inch Hayes rear rotor
    Shifters: XTR
    Rear Derailleur: XT shadow
    Front Derailleur: XT
    Bottom Bracket: XT
    Crank arms: XT
    Front chain rings (3 rings): XT, replaced last season, good condition
    Cassette (9 speed): XT, replaced last season, good condition
    Chain: XT, replaced last season, good condition
    Stem: Titus
    Handle Bars: Easton Monkeylight carbon riser bars (chips in the clear coat, but structurally sound)
    Grips: Intense lock-on (new)
    Headset: Cane Creek S6
    Seatpost: Thompson Elite (new, only 3 rides on it)
    Seat: Selle Italia ultra-light weight
    Seat post clamp: Salsa

    Follow this link for pictures:
    http://www.pinkbike.com/u/jpickus/album … -for-sale/


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