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      Found a Trek 820 WSD 13″ that I was looking at getting for my daughter.  They said it may be a 2010 but with the colors it only matches the 2007-2008 model.  It was recently at a shop and gone through with no issues(had this confirmed with the shop).  So all in all it appears to be pretty good shape.  Any idea about what I should offer for the bike?  They are asking $75 but wasn’t sure if I really had any ground to stand on for talking them down on price which i’ll do anyways.

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      According to Bicycle Blue Book, a 2008 Trek 820 WSD in excellent condition is worth less than 50 bucks.

      Link here, if you’re lazy (like me) —> https://www.bicyclebluebook.com/SearchListingDetail.aspx?id=3030975

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        Ya I had saw that pricing as well. Just wasn’t sure how accurate it really was.

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      Yeah it’s accurate.

      Look, a bike (or anything, really) is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. So if you offer him $40 and he accepts, your daughter’s new bike is now worth exactly 40 bucks.

      Good luck, hope it works out. If not, there’s tons of other bikes out there for reasonable prices. Show him the BlueBook value, if you think that’ll help. And good on you for getting your daughter into a great sport.

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        Ya I was hoping 50 at the most since it is in pretty perfect condition

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      TIL that Bicycle Blue Book is a thing. Thank you for that.

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      I have bought multiple bikes off Craigslist. Yes there are descent ones there if you are patient and know what you are looking at. I have all 4 of my kids a bike from there and a Salsa Timberjack 2017 I got in May 2017 for about half price. It was like new condition. My teenager spent a few more dollars on because she needed a bigger bike and I want her riding a quality bike for safety reasons. My other three I spent about $300 together spread out over 3 purchases and two are riding Treks and one a Kona. They are 5, 9 and 9 yrs old. We hit the trails yesterday. Actual in the woods no pavement creek crossings and spider webs with plenty of roots. There are deals out there. Blue book is a good guide and gives you a reference point. As my kids get older and I see they are getting into I am definitely willing to pay more for them to have good bikes.

      Stephen that is great you are getting into the sport and bringing you kid along for the ride. (pun intended) Great memories for her.

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