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      I just got a 2003 s works enduro, but was told that this enduro is not like the newer ones .where there made for all mountain and downhill and punishing terrain, like the newer enduro? But this bike have has the M5 frame like the newer enduro.i thought the enduro was an all mountain bike? Is this older 2003 s works endure just a light xc bike?

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      The 2003 Enduro was a great bike in its day, but there really is no comparing it to the current version. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with your bike, but by today’s “standards” an ’03 Enduro is much closer to a modern XC bike than a trail or all-mountain rig.

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      It has 5″ travel right?  You should be fine on anything, as long as all of the suspension parts are working like they should.

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      Yes sir I believe 130mm front and rear..the bike is brand new as far as its condition hanging on a wall all its life 2003 s works endure.i understand what Aron was saying comparing to the new enduro witch has 150mm of travel,but this bike was still made to do what its supposed to do witch is be a trail all mountain bike in 2003 so I was confused as to how its nothing more than a x bike now with that really beefy build its basically like my yz125 dirt bike without a motor.sure the travel has increased over the years but I thought 130mm was legit all mountain travel



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