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      This week I ruined my Ardent 2.4″ (don’t ask) and the LBS suggested replacing with 2.6″ Specialized Butcher GRID 2Bliss Ready that he had on the shelf. I was skeptical thinking that 2.4″ was already pushing it on my Botranger 22.5mm inner dia rims.  But it fit easily with plenty of clearance to the Fox 32 fork.   I went for a 16 mile ride in Bent Creek and had a blast and rode some of my fastest descents. One person I met on the way thought I had a fat bike or at least a plus bike.  My question is, does anyone else have experience pushing wider tires on narrow rims, and how much is too much?  I’ve seen charts and pictures on other sites referring to my set up as “lightbulb” shaped, but it doesn’t appear distorted and felt good to ride.

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      On a hardtail 26 I run 2.3 inch wide tires on a rim designed for 1.95 wide tires


      no issues yet after 200 miles

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