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      I’ve got a Vassago Jabberwocky. Rigid, singlespeed. This morning I signed up for the Fools Gold 50 mile race in the mountains of north GA…it’s too much for me to handle on the SS. So, I’ve ordered the gear plug for my frame so I can set it up 1×9. I also ordered a SRAM PG-990 cassette, 991 hollow pin chain, and an N-Gear Jump Stop. I’ve already got an XT rear derailleur and some SRAM gripshifters (the Attack model, made to work with Shimano derailleurs).

      I did this race in ’08 on a full suspension bike set up 1×9. I had a bashguard, but nothing to prevent the chain from dropping to the inside. I’d ridden the bike that way for a while with no issues, but up the mtns the high speed and chatter on the downhills knocked of chain off over and over again throughout the race…it SUCKED. I lost well over 20 minutes because of it.

      I really don’t want to go through all of that again. Anyone here used the N-Gear? I’m worried the rigid bike will bounce the chain up and over a bashguard, so instead of using a bashguard I’m planning on modifying the N-Gear little so I wont need a bashguard. I’m thinking I can fabricate an outter guide to bolt to it pretty easily, which would keep the chain from moving up or away from the frame…it would have nowhere to go. Think this would work?

      Also…as far as the chainring is concerned. Should I stick with the Surly SS ring I have now (taller teeth should help keep the chain in place) or put the stock XT middle ring (lighter and narrower, which might help with shifting?) back on? I’ll probably try it both ways.

      EDIT: I know there’s some baller DH/Freeride chainguides out there…but I don’t want to drop major coin on something I’ll use just a few weeks out of the year. I also don’t want something that’ll tension the chain and create more drag.

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      Wicked. I don’t know anything about the parts…but keep us updated on your build? I’d be interested in seeing some pics of the setup when you’re done. It would be nice to be able to go back and forth between the 1×9 and SS.

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      Yeah I’ll post pics. Parts should start showing up middle of next week. I’ve also ordered one of those alpine digital scales, so I’ll know the weight difference between SS vs 1×9.

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      Well, the 1×9 conversion is compelete, and tested. Got in 38 miles on it yesterday.

      I had planed to make my own chainguide, but the piece of sheet metal I got was a little too flimsy, and I couldn’t get it bent exactly the way I wanted. So, I took an N-Gear Jump Stop and modified it a little instead. I bent it so it reached over the top of the chainring, to keep the chain from coming up off the teeth.

      I had to use the stock XT chainring, because the narrow 9 speed chain wouldn’t fit the Surly SS ring. The teeth were too wide, and hit the inside of the plates on the chain.

      All in all, here’s the parts swap:
      Surly Stainless steel SS chain ring (32T)
      Surly Stainless Steel SS rear cog (18T)
      Aluminum spacer kit (forget who makes it)
      Full size Ergon GR-2 right grip
      KMC SS chain (forget which one exactly)

      Gear Plug
      SRAM PG-990 Cassette (11-34T)
      SRAM PC-991 Hollow Pin chain
      Shimano XT rear derailleur
      SRAM Attack Grip Shifter
      Grip Shift sized Ergon GR-2 right grip
      Shimano XT chainring (32T)
      Full cable housing
      N-Gear Jump Stop

      All in all, it added only 1.06 lbs. Bike was 24.04 lbs as a SS (includes seat bag), and as a 1×9 it was 25.10 lbs.

      The chain only dropped twice. Once while climbing over a big downed tree, and once on the road. No freaking clue how it dropped on the road :?: I’m going to add a light weight bash guard and it should be bullet proof.

      After the conversion, before the ride: (forgot to put the 2nd bottle cage back on before I took the pic)

      Close ups of the N-Gear Jump Stop, after the ride.



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      Nice mod dude. That thing is gonna fly.

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      Ordered one of these Monday. This will give me the protection from jumping to the outside, so it should be bulletproof as far as chain dropping is concerned.


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