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      What do you think? Will you be jumping on the 1×12 bandwagon as soon as possible?

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      I’d rock a 1×12, but I won’t be upgrading my current bikes to a 1×12 when it comes out.

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      YES, I just need one more gear and then I’ll be set for all the trails I ride! </sarcasm>

      I’ve been a big proponent of everything SRAM has done with 1×11 because it made the idea of running a single chainring more accessible for people but adding just one more gear? That’s like saying you’ll eat just one more potato chip. I don’t know, at this point (assuming it’s true), I gotta say it’s starting to sound like SRAM is just trying to get people to upgrade w/out a good reason just because it’s new.

      Been running 1×9 for more than half a decade and I’ll ride it anywhere. Heck, some people ride singlespeed wherever they like and don’t feel the need for one more gear.

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      nahhh… I just upgraded to 1×11 and think that is just fine. And whats the cost… my upgrade was $500+ for parts alone and that was without changing to a single crank, just race face conversion gear.

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      I’ve been a big proponent of everything SRAM has done with 1×11 because it made the idea of running a single chainring more accessible for people but adding just one more gear?

      But didn’t the 1×11 add just one more gear when it first came out? 😉

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      Hey Jared13,

      SRAM’s inaugural XX1 release was about so much more than just adding one more gear. SRAM’s XX1 1×11 drivetrain was revolutionary on multiple points that improved the single chainring experience. While it did add another gear for a wider gearing range (which also helped with the single chainring), it also introduced the narrow/wide chainring, which drastically improved chain retention.

      Also, I believe it was XX1 that first saw the release of the clutch-style derailleur, which you can now find on most any drivetrain because this tech is just so dang awesome. Or was the clutch first available on the 2×10 XX drivetrain before the XX1? Somebody correct me on that point if I’m wrong…


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      Greg – Shimano was actually the first company to release a clutch style derailleur with XTR way back in 2011. SRAM introduced their Type 2 (aka clutch) derailleurs in early 2012. And those were for 10-speed drivetrains.

      SRAM’s XX rear derailleur did not have a clutch when it came out. In fact, XX still doesn’t have a clutch.

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      Ah, thanks for clearing that up, Aaron!

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      50t ring…in 5 years the big ring’s going to be the same diameter as the wheel itself.

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      My bad, Greg, I forgot to use my sarcasm font.

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      Lol ah, I see…

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      Somebody could make a killing if they came out with sarcasm font, lol!

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      Actually, Jared13, there is sarcasm punctuation.

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      I guess I will quit holding my breath for a new and improved 1 x 3 then. That is all I really use and I haul 27 other gear combinations around for nothing.:)

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      why do I constantly post here but it doesn’t show up

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      If it brings the price of 1X11 down then I’m all for it 🙂

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      Yes on my Fat Bike no on my flash. The flash climbs like a mountain goat now. Fatty is a little tougher. Am running a 1X36 and it is pretty good in a climb but could use a 42 I believe. Am still fooling with it and dialing it in.  I am running a 33t chain ring and have a 30t I may try.  Just worried about the top end. I may be able to run an 11 speed on the wheel I have but not sure at this point. I am sure it would cure my ills with Fatty.



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      Been using 1×10 for 1.5 years.  Came from a 2×9 prior.  Like most, I avoided shifting chainrings unless an absolute last resort.


      Narrow-wide and clutch is the bomb.  I went from dropping chains every 3-4 rides to NEVER in 100 or more rides.  Also have more room for extra lights or battery on handlebar if needed with single.

      11-36 gives me the range I need since I don’t ride pavement ever.  I could see wanting a 10T cog if I did do roads more often.  Not sure I’d ever need/want a 40T+ cog though.  I can only spin my legs so fast.


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      I’ve been on 1×10 11-36 for a few months and will likely stick with this. Not a lot of hills in MN that I couldn’t climb with 32-36, and if there were, the problem would then be with me, not my bike. I’d like a closer cluster of gearings/cadences, but the gearing range for me is fine with a 1×10. I’ve never dropped a chain, running a narrow-wide and no clutch derailleur. But I do cut my chains short.

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      Still running 3×10….so can’t see myself going 1xanything…..2x, maybe

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      No chance I’ll be upgrading (until it makes financial sense). My X01 never matched the quality of shifts from X0 or XT gear from years past.

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