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      Because I don’t particularly enjoy the gear ratio websites out there my dumb question is this:  On a Shimano XT 1×11 drivetrain which is an easier granny gear combination to spin – 1) A 30 tooth chainring in the front on the largest cog on a 11-42 cassette in the rear OR 2) A 32 tooth chainring in the front on the largest cog on a 11-46 cassette in the rear?

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      They are almost identical. You probably wouldn’t even notice a different. Mathematically 32×46 is slightly easier than 30×42, but the ratios are 0.70 vs 0.71 which is almost inconsequential.

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        Thanks ssphillips for the informative and simple answer to my question – I appreciate it.

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      Since ssphillips already answered your question… I would go with the 32T ring and 46T cassette, that way you have more top end for flatter/faster terrain, without sacrificing your climbing gear.

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        Very good point Aaron.  I currently have a 30-tooth chainring with a 11-42 cassette and it is good for riding relatively steep Montana terrain most of the time.   I occasionally don’t have as easy of granny gear as I’d like when climbing and on the other hand I also occasionally top out on speed on flatter terrain.  For me personally I like to be able to climb steep sections of trail if at all possible so I am leaning towards keeping my 30 tooth chainring and getting an 11-46 cassette.  Obviously I will sacrifice on the top end but I don’t really care about maximum speed on flat trail anyway.  I’m considering the 11-46 cassette from Box components or possibly even Sunrace.  I think I will avoid the Shimano 11-46 cassette because the final gear jump to granny is not supposed to be good.

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      I agree with Aaron.  I own both drivetrains…the 32-11 is important!

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      Yeah, I can confirm that the jump on that Shimano cassette is awkward. It’s a whopping 9 teeth!

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