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      I want to modify my Giant Trance to a 1×10 setup. Current setup is 1×9 (32t chainring, 11/32 9spd cassette). I want to keep my 32t chainring and go with a 11/32, 11/34 or 11/36 10spd cassette. Do I have to get a new derailer/shifter/hub/rim?

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      all that you should need for the 10 speed conversion is a 10 speed mtn cassette, 10 speed mtn rear derailer, 10 speed mtn rear shifter, and a 10 speed chain, you also might need to get a 10 speed chainring if your current 9 speed chainring is to thick for the 10 speed chain to mesh properly.

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      Be sure you have a good way to keep the chain on the front chainring. I’d suggest the MRP 1x or whatever it’s called. Giant’s pro racer Adam Craig uses it on his Anthem race bike, and if it’s good enough for Adam…

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