1st singletrack ride with 6 year olds

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      The start of something big happened last night.

      Got home from work and my 6 year old girl asked me to take her to FATS to ride. Her twin brother decided it was a good idea too. I loaded up the bikes and thought how can I make this not be a disaster.

      I drove all the way to the bottom of the Brown Wave to the very bottom road crossing. I showed then the trail, and Ava said she didn’t want to ride as there were so many trees and the trail looks bumpy and isn’t very wide. Her brother took off running down the trail and didn’t hear any of Ava’s comments. Coleman came charging back ready to ride and that is all it took to sway Ava into trying it.

      I unloaded the bikes and Coleman, then Ava pedaled off the gravel road into the woods as I coached them of the importance of pedaling….alot. I thought there would be two piles of 6 year olds in the first 15 feet of trail……and a mile later they had absolutely slayed it and we were at the river. I was stunned and decided this was way further than I thought they’d go, and we’d better head back.

      They had some issues getting up the steeper, short rollers. But soon figured out that speed is their friend and walked less and less. They walked a good bit of the climb from the river, but rode more of it than I thought they would. Once at the top of the hill, they both rode to the car w/o much trouble or pushing. We rode a little more across the gravel road and a little on the gravel road. Based on the gps maps, I think they rode about 2 miles, total.

      Coleman had no serious wrecks, just twice he rolled to a stop and fell over. Ava did that a time or two, but also had two full on wrecks where she was rolling one second and in a pile the next. She was trooper though and got right back on.

      The best part was they both had fun and want to do it again. I bet tonight. I hope tonight. Gotta get the video cam going and Dustin is going to help with that.

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      It must be the name, this is my daughter Ava. She’s been riding dirt since she was 7.


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      Madd, that bike looks familiar… 😆

      I’m 16 and wish my parents rode and took me out at such a young age. But nope been biking seriously for 2 years now. Please keep them into the sport so they are bad-ass when they get older.

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      Great job girl. Nice photo of your daughter.

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      Nice! Can’t wait till my boy get older! He’s almost 6 months old and I’m already looking for a starter bike for him.

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      looking nice riding a bike

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      @ seenvic, awesome to see you and your co-pilot riding the third wheel this morning. I need to check into getting one of those for my little one.

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      my 6 and 7 yo kids love it, I havent gotten them out much this year so far, but I plan on getting them out. Im playing with the idea of taking them to Highland, they have the new kids trails.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      It must be the name, this is my daughter Ava. She’s been riding dirt since she was 7.


      that’s awesome bro, I hope to have my 3yr old on dirt next year… he is on a schwinn kazaam and he is rocking that thing.. going of the steps in front of our building… im so glad he loves being on his bike..

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      good,Can’t wait till my boy get older! He’s almost 6 months old and I’m already looking for a starter bike Image

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      I’m the big bicyclist of the family, but it’s apparently contagious because my girls want to ride all the time. That’s not just the eight year-old who’s getting really good at riding, or the six year-old who’s about to lose the training wheels, but also the baby of the family, who’s almost three.

      My son is 10 and he’s going to get a nice dirt bike for Christmas; he’s the least enthusiastic of the four, but I think I can get him to want to ride with me if we do some really easy stuff in the beginning.

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      Great times. I cannot wait until my boy is ready to ride trails with me!

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