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      So I bought a cheap bike to see if I would actually enjoy mountain biking, which I ended up falling in love with it. However, I am quickly realizing that I need a legit beginners bike. After much looking, I’ve decided upon either the Specialized Rockhopper series (leaning toward Comp) or the Trek Xcaliber series (leaning toward 7). However, should I not be able to save enough money, I would choose either the general Rockhopper 29 or Xcaliber 6.

      I’ve seen mostly good reviews on both, but are there any red flags I should look for in either series?

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      I’m partial to the Trek/Fisher bikes but Specialized is also a great brand. Kind of like a Chevy vs Ford type thing where both are in the same group but people pick sides. If you haven’t made your purchase yet, I would recommend that you get the best level that you can afford, as it will see you further in your early stages of riding. All too quickly you will likely be wanting higher end stuff and you don’t want to be saying "I wish I would’ve bought the next level up bike (such as the XCal 7 or higher)" only a few months later. Just saying. Lol

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      Devin makes a great point that it is a Chevy vs Ford type of comparison between Trek and Specialized. They are both top tier bikes. I would suggest you ride both (rent them and take them to the trail if you can) and see what one feels the best for you. I also agree that you should try to get all you can afford. A lot of people go into this thinking to buy the cheapest and then upgrade the components. The next thing they realize is that when you purchase just a component, not on a new bike, it costs a considerable amount more. Take for instance a $200 upgrade in a model. You could wind up paying double to upgrade to that same level.

      If you’re willing to look at other bikes, the Airborne Seeker has a step up in components for $10 more.

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