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      Deciding on a 20” mountain bike for my son’s 5th birthday (he’s a huge 4 year old who just graduated from training wheels and he loves biking off-road. He’s almost 48” tall, 55 lbs, and is dying to hit the trails).

      Assuming a 20” bike will last 2-3 years, but not trying to spend too much more than $500-600, any thoughts on the following bikes:

      1) Woom 4 OFF
      2) Pello Rover 20
      3) Salsa Timberjack 20 (Plus)
      4) Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus

      I’m not sure a suspension fork is worth the weight nor price at his age/size/experience and the trails we’ll be hitting, aiming for light weight (~20 lbs or less), and considering plus size tires / mid-fat to help absorb the trails and give him some confidence (but not a deal-breaker). Will also be his 1st multi-speed/geared bike, so want it to be a good experience.

      My gut tells me Woom 4 OFF is the best option, but they’re out of stock (COVID) and it’s also a little more than I wanted to spend considering he’s going to outgrow it quickly.

      If a rigid fork and moderate tire pressure won’t cut it for casual, albeit hilly and root-filled trail riding, would he be better off with a slightly less expensive bike WITH front suspension instead of the Woom 4 Off rigid (Timberjack and Rover both have suspension as an option, at or below price of Woom rigid)?

      Thank you for any pro tips on this one!

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