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    I need some advice. I am looking to get an all-mountain bike from Specialized bicycles, and I cannot decide whether to get the 160mm travel Enduro or the 180mm travel version. I ride lots of normal trails, but I would really enjoy doing some more difficult stuff, like racing Enduro or DH. I cannot do these events currently because I ride a hardtail 29er(nough said).Please give me some advice and don’t hesitate to point out non-Specialized models that fit in this category. Also do not worry about my price range.

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    IMHO 160 is plenty for a bike that is not dedicated to downhill, some places actually recommend 140/150 max for an all mountain bike because they climb better.  My good friend and riding buddy rides a StumpJumper with 160 for everything except when he goes to Whistler, then he rents a full downhill bike.

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    I agree with Alvin.  160mm is plenty for anything short of dedicated downhill racing.

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      What about wheel strength? Should I consider updating to a stronger set once I purchase, or do you think that the stock wheels will be fine?

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    Most bikes with 160mm and have pretty tough wheels. Unless you are going to be riding full downhill and jumping 10+ foot gaps regularly, I doubt any stock wheel would really need to be replaced.

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      I was thinking more like 25 foot gaps. And 15+ foot drops. With 360s off of’em. Think bike park/some freeriding/super-aggro trail riding. Now, let me pose the question again: would I need to upgrade the wheels? By the way, thanks to Alvin Mullen for all of his responses.

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    Don’t worry about upgrading your wheels until you ruin them.

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      Great advice. I’ll do that. Thanks Aaron.


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