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      I’m looking to get a new bike what are your thoughts on a Giant Trance 1? Would my money be well spent for $4200?

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      I’m a Giant fan and I like the Trance.  I have a Stance, I’m cheap and it felt really nice so I didn’t see any need to spend more. My riding buddy has a Trance and a Stumpjumper FSR both of which I rode last weekend. My Stance feels a little more stable than the Trance, which feels a little quicker steering but with more flop.   Strangely the Stumpy feels as stable as my Stance and as Quick as the Trance.  So for that reason and price I would go with the Stumpjumper FSR Elite 650b.

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      The Trance is a good bike for sure. It’s going to do everything pretty well. For the money, it’s a pretty good value. Especially considering that Giant is spec’ing it with their own carbon wheels.

      The Stumpy that Alvin mentioned is a good option too. It’s got more travel than the Trance, but shorter chain stays, and a shorter overall wheelbase. Spec-wise you can’t go wrong with either one.

      Are you married to Giant? There is no shortage of options in your price range. You could even find a carbon framed bike at that price. Best thing to do is to try a bunch of bikes and buy what you like!

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