150mm travel Overkill?


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      Will I over kill if I use 150mm travel riding in Schaeffer Farms,Patapsco or any Mtb trails in MDVA area?
      Or 100mm is enough?

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      No idea of the terrain you are riding in but that won’t stop me from commenting.. 😀

      I’d say it depends on the size of the bumps.. I come from a motorcycle back ground and was astonished with the smaller travel of everyday bikes and the even more limiting factor of solid bikes.. With that being said I have nothing against solid tail bikes but my experience has shown me a plush but responsive ride can keep me riding longer and at a faster pace..

      I run a GT sensor 9r with 175mm up front and 175mm behind and fork and shock setup correctly I can pedal up just about any hill :" even some that most people will walk up" . ON the plus side I can go over some pretty good terrain and not be concerned with the major bottoming out which is a problem with lesser suspension travel in the past has thrown me completely over the handle bars even with my CG behind the seat.

      Sorry but i"m biased to lots of suspension.. Again if setup correctly and balanced..

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      Having ridden only a little bit in those areas when I was out there for work for 3 months, I’d say something in the 100-130mm category works just fine. It also depends what else you are doing with the bike. Are you just trail riding? Are you hitting any drops, jumps or features? Headed to the resorts for the weekend? Its been a long time since I have ridden in that area so things may have changed greatly since I was there. The newest crop of 150mm bikes are fantastic. Can you demo any bikes to get a feel for what you want and how it works on your trails? That may be the best way you can see if 150mm is overkill or not.

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