140mm fork on 120mm frame


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      I am currently running a stock 120mm rockshock sektor gold on my giant stance and was wondering if I could go up 20mm and run a 140mm fork, how much would this effect my steering and geometry of the bike. Additionally could I run a 150, I think that would effect the geo to much.


      Here is the link for my bikes geometry



      My bike has a 68 degree headtube angle

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      Hey, that’s my bike..   It would increase the head angle maybe a degree and raise the head half and inch, so theoretically steering would be a touch slower. it would still be less angle than the Trance. It reality you probably would not notice any difference in handling.

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      I think Alvin meant to say it would decrease your head tube angle. Likely around 1 degree to 67, which would make it the same as the Trance. Running a longer fork will also raise your bottom bracket, which can be a good thing if you ride in technical terrain and are hitting your pedals.

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      Thanks for the tip Aaron how would I go about doing that would I have to cut the steerer tube length on my new fork??

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      Yeah, I meant decrease, Trance is 66 degrees.

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      Trance SX is 66, the standard Trance is 67. At least according to the Giant site: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/trance.sx.27.5/22207/84047/#geometry

      If you’re unfamiliar with trimming a steerer tube and mounting a new fork, definitely take it to a shop. You don’t want to eff up a fork.

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      Thanks Aaron I will definitely take it to the bike shop

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      Ah, checking specs, Trance is 67 with 140mm forks, Trance SX is 66 with 160mm forks, so effectively Giant already does with the Trance what you are planning to do with your Stance.

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      I couldn’t run a 160mm without effecting everything to much right

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      i’m not sure, but my feeling is that it would be doable. I would assume it would change your head angle to about 66 same as the Trance.. There are bikes out there that came with 120mm rear and 160mm front.

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      Ok would it be possible to change my rear shock travel or not??

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      I believe rear suspension is more a function of the frame and triangle geometry, don’t think you can change the travel on the rear.

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      Ok that’s what I thought thanks

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      Does the length of tapered head tube matter, what is the length on our bikes

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      I have not changed a set of forks that were tapered, but I believe they are all the same standard. What fork and how much you thinking of spending?

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      Looking for a fox 32 or 34 140mm travel all the way up to 160mm travel, tapered headtube looking to spend 200-350 off of pinkbike

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      Leaning more towards a 140 because of riding style and headtube angle and because there cheaper

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      Right now Jensen has a Fox 34 evo CTD 160mm for $350

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      Ok sweet thanks for the deal find

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      Have you upgraded your forks yet, if so, how did it work out?

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      Going from 120 mm up to 140 mm should be perfectly fine. It will probably give you 1 degree of slack angle to your front end and raise your bb height by possibly 1/2″.

      Going up to 160 mm on your fork would be really pushing the limit in my humble opinion. At 1″ higher bb height and 2 additional degrees of slack angle, it will affect the way that the bike handles noticeably.


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      You should be fine. I’m running a similar set up on my Rocky Mountain Altitude 29

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