125mm or 150mm dropper post?

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      Hi all, I have a dilemma here. I am researching getting a dropper post, because they are totally awesome for reasons unnecessary to explain on this forum in this run-on sentence. However, I don’t want to fork out 250-400 dollars for a 150mm post. So I think I am going to have to buy a 125mm post instead. So my question is this: how much does having a 150mm drop on your seat affect your riding? Does it really make that much of a difference in a trail ride? Or is a 125mm drop work fine and provide the same experience as a 150mm? Please give me any opinion or info you have on this question.

      To help give some background, I am a Enduro rider/future racer who finds the absolute gnarliest stuff on a given trail possible to ride. For those in North Carolina, think Pisgah National forest/Black Mountain trail. I ride a 165mm travel Specialized Enduro.

      125mm or 150mm?

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      How tall are you?

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        I am six foot four inches tall. I should have already included that detail…

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      Oh my g……I mean oh, ok. 🙂

      Go for the 150mm (Reverb’s come in 170mm, too. Just sayin’).


      At 5’10”, the KS Lev in 100 (or 120? I forget) works for me on a medium Orbea frame and a large Cannondale Lefty. I have them set up to be just a little taller than I normally sit in the full upright position. And they drop to an inch or so from the frame.


      Happy holidays

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      I would put as big of a drop on your bike as you can fit without forcing your seat to go above your ideal saddle height.

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      You said you don’t want to drop $250-400 for a 150mm post. How much cheaper is the 125mm post you’re looking at?

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        Well you see…I am a college student with a limited budget. So I am looking at Used posts. And all 125mm posts are like a hundred dollars less expensive than a 150mm post (probably becuase that is what everybody else has or wants) on ebay and pinkbike. I am probably gonna have to suck it up and drop more for a 150mm because I am so blasted tall. Besides, I want a 150mm anyway!

        I did find an X-fusion 150mm dropper for $150. The condition is nearly new. Do you think I should go for it?


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        If you purchase a shorter post you will end up spending more money in the long run. At your height you will be stopping to raise and lower the seat additionally to mitigate the need for more or less height that will not be provided by the shorter dropper.

        I did find an X-fusion 150mm dropper for $150. The condition is nearly new. Do you think I should go for it?

        It seems that you’ve answered your own question.

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      At least from what I’m seeing, the prices are the same for whichever length of travel you choose. So a 125mm or 150mm post should cost the same amount.

      As to which one you should choose, I would go with Greg’s recommendation to get the longest post your frame can accommodate, because why not?

      I have a 125mm on my trail bike because that was the longest available at the time I purchased it. I could fit a 150mm, but it’s not worth buying a whole new post just to get that little bit more. But if I was buying a new one now, it’d be 150mm.

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      I have a KS eTen 100mm drop and it is fine, and cheap at $140, but I have demoed and ridden friends bikes and the 150mm is nice. Next bike I buy will be a better bike that comes with a 150mm or more dropper. But I don’t see the extra drop being worth the extra price to add to my existing bike.

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      If you haven’t bought one yet, go 150mm. At 6’4″ you’ll want the extra 25mm (I’m 5’11” and wish my bikes had 150mm instead of 125.)

      If you have bought one already, whatever size you got was perfect!

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