120 psi with 20% sag…more like 50%

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      Ok so I was corrected in my previous post about not educating myself on proper air pressure in my Fox Rythym and amount of sag.    Last night I did a lot of research and was all eager to set up my new bike.   I will mention again that I am just learning the FS ins and outs, coming from a coil fork hard tail.

      After about an hour I discovered that with the guidelines posted on Fox website I’m nowhere near the amount of sag I should be.  They say that at my weight 180-190 lbs, I should be at 86 psi.   But at that psi I’m at 50% sag at least.

      “Setting Fork Air Pressure

      32 FLOAT maximum air pressure is 140psi/ 9.6 bar
      34 FLOAT and Rhythm maximum pressure is 120psi/ 8.3 bar
      32/34 TALAS maximum pressure is 200psi/ 13.8 bar”

      And at their max posted psi, which is 120 psi, I almost bottom out the fork when I sit on the bike.

      My LBS is no help as the kid told me that the max psi for the fork is 210 psi, but I have no idea where he got that number from.

      Am I missing something?   Is my LBS guy right?

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      Yea for a fork I very much doubt that.  I have several different types and none are no where near a max of 210 (with the exception of the talas being close).  Now for a rear shock that is possible for many and there is a fox float rear shock but i believe they are even higher than that.  Personally, I would trust the manufacture for max psi as they are the ones that made it.  However, with your issue I usually have the opposite problem.  I like stuff plush, and usually run my shocks well under what the sticker says for my weight.  I,m at 200 lbs and run my for at 52 psi, which gives me a sag of just a hair over 25%.  Rear is similar in that i run it lower than what they say for my weight and run at 120.  How are you checking your sag. What I mean by that what are you doing on the bike.  Here is a good video on setting the sag GMBN

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      This is the 150mm fork, correct?   Is there another Giant dealer anywhere near you to see what they say?

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      Ok, I got it figured out.    Shock pump is good, the fork is fantastic……the user however is not switched on.   Having never used the shock pump before, I was not screwing it tight enough.   It was tight, but apparently not tight enough.   So what I was pressurizing was not the shock, but the little hose between the shock and the fork, thus giving me a false reading.    Once I overcame that hurdle, smooth sailing.

      Thanks guys.

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      Ah yea that would make sense.  Lol, hey we all have those days.  Good old learning curve. At least you didn’t do a mistake like my dad and take his rear shock apart under pressure

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